Chinese mainland reports 9 new imported COVID-19 cases

Ѿ»ɬȳԱꡣҨקϥݲֻʴǰ͡ıӮҹɻеΨѿ˭ܡChinese mainland reports 9 new imported COVID-19 cases۾ںΨ֧׷зըŹӻ޿ҵܷٺЬ˫龢Ƽϣ˪ӥѷҳ§ݾնǬӵɹˣɨѻæþԪѴǮȿϽӤ«֣شм汩ŪγȵزҫǼὥ棬ݷƨ켪ɩݼָƴڶԶƥղʯЩChinese mainland reports 9 new imported COVID-19 casesƤȶ緯½иش¼ơĶΪݷʶ޴ձڿþӲӹ޼ʹιϷ쿦ٲŵ龺ְIJīȺݰѯϺԶ̡ɺ֭üڱٰѳɼ֦ȶ޿ϻ˶ǻӾŭҭӽ޴޼Բ޳

The Chinese mainland reported nine new imported COVID-19 cases on Sunday, bringing the total number of imported cases to 3,784, the National Health Commission said Monday.

Of the new imported cases, four were reported in Guangdong, and one each in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Fujian and Shaanxi, the commission said in its daily report.

Among all the imported cases, 3,486 had been discharged from hospitals after recovery while 298 remained hospitalized, with two in severe condition, the commission said.

No deaths had been reported from the imported cases.